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As Majorca is one of the preferred destinations in Europe for cyclists and triathletes, the island offers a lot of different races. Due to its landscape it is possible to combine routes through the Serra Tramuntana mountains and the plain streets along the coast. A lot of professional cyclist teams and Triathlon professionals come every year to prepare their season and to take place in various races. Only to name a few: IRONMAN 70.3, IRONMAN, Vuelta de Mallorca, Triathlon Portocolom, Palma Marathon, Challenge Mallorca, Mallorca Classics, Mallorca 312and a lot more. From your Mallorca triathlon Hotel or Mallorca Sporthotel you can easily reach all the races provided on the island.

Here you can find all of the important races in Majorca:

Event Category Date
IV Cursa Popular Sa Beata 2018 Running 24/08/2018
X Cursa Malalts de Turmell 2018 Running 25/08/2018
XV Sa Milla- Travessia C. N. Arenal- Cala Blava 2018 Swimmimng 25/08/2018
1er Triathló Nocturn Contrarrellotge 2018 Triathlon 25/08/2018
VIKING Challenge- Pollença 2018 Swimming- Running 26/08/2018
Element Reis 2018 Others 31/08/2018
III Sunset Trail Talaia K10 2018 Trail Running 01/09/2018
V Down Urban Pollença 2018 Cycling- BTT 01/09/2018
Santander Triathlon Series Port de Palma de Mallorca Triathlon 02/09/2018
VIKING 859 Challenge- Alcúdia 2018 Trail Running 15/08/2018
XVI Pujada a Sa Comuna de Bunyola 2018 Aquathlon 15/09/2018
IX Triatló Sa Rapita 2018 Swimming- Running 08/09/2018
3 hores BTT Resistència Llorencia 2018 Trail Running 09/09/2018
IV Trapa Trail 2018 Triathlon 09/09/2018
Alcudia Mar International Long Aquathlon 2018 Cycling- BTT 09/09/2018
Long Course Weekend- LCW Mallorca 2018 Triathlon 27-28-29/ 10/ 2018
Swim Day- LCW Mallorca 2018 Triathlon- Swim 27/10/2018
Bike Day- LCW Mallorca 2018 Triathlon- Bike 28/10/2018
Run Day- LCW Mallorca 2018 Triathlon- Run 29/10/2018
Ultra Mallorca Man- UMM Triathlon 31/10/2018- 4/11/2018


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