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Sunset Stretch (Yin) A slow, deep and meditative practice to compliment more physical or yang practices. A series of seated or lying postures held for longer periods of time aimed to stretch the connective tissues in the body, relax the mind, increase joint mobility and regulate the energy in the body.


Yoga for athletes:

Yoga is also important for injury prevention, groin, hamstring, lower back or Achilles tendon… Of course, there are some injuries such as ACL tears and concussions that yoga won’t prevent. But the hips, hamstrings, and calf muscles, and in some sports the shoulders, are taxed heavily during training and repetitive movement. Without stretching and lengthening these muscle groups, injuries are bound to occur over time.

Yoga offers many varieties and styles from the slow pace of Yin yoga, to the fast vigorous pace of Vinyasa yoga. All styles can be beneficial but the most applicable for cyclists are styles that focus on continuous movement. Styles such as Vinyasa, Power, and Kundalini are steady flowing, work through a full range of movements and build great muscle endurance. Cyclists need to focus on leg strength, which many poses in yoga target, but they also need to focus on flexibility and lower back strength. Cyclists spend most of their time bent forward over the handlebars, which leads to tight hip flexors. Many yoga poses target the hip flexors and lower back, helping to balance muscle strength and prevent injury. Yoga also keeps you focused on a deep and steady breath, forcing you work aerobically. Training your muscles aerobically and learning how to control your breathing are two very important aspects of training and racing for any endurance athlete.


Lessons from 17€/ pers.(min. 3 pers)

Private Lessons:

55€/    pers.

65€/ 2 pers.

Pre- Booking 24 hours before.


May 01 2019 - Nov 03 2019


10:30 am - 6:30 pm


From 17€/ persn.

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